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Cathie D. P.

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Cathie D. P.

I started having my hair done by Joy around 1994, following a hair cut disappointment with a gent who had been cutting me for a year or so but just didn’t understand what I wanted.

I wish I had found Joy when I first moved to Oregon!! Whether it’s time for a trim, full cut and restyle or a new color Joy, has always understood what I want and made it happen. Joy’s scalp and brain massages ( you might call them a shampoo) are just what the doctor ordered! I used to get highlights in my dark hair and perms, and now it’s a bit of color and more natural soft curl.

Joy adds merlot or maybe a little chocolate color and it works beautifully to cover the greys I am starting to grow. Joy introduced me to a few hair products over the years and I am loving the latest one she had me try. I can have wash and wear hair, add a little volumizing solution and have soft, in control, gentle curls that frame my face.

Thank you Joy for always giving me the look I’m looking for.

Cathie D. P. June 23, 2015