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Pam – Owner/Manager

I began my career as a hair stylist and manicurist here at B2 Beauty (then known as Mar-Don’s Hair Fashions) when I was only 17 years old and newly-graduated from high school and from beauty school — I worked extra hard, juggling a tight schedule to complete both programs so I could get started in the profession as soon as possible.

From earliest childhood I’ve had a genuine passion for hairstyling. (Unfortunately, my Barbies and other dolls all ended up slightly bald because of the wear-and-tear of my early experiments with styling hair.) I consider myself very fortunate to have a career that is so interesting, rewarding and satisfying for everyone concerned.

Part of the pleasure for me (and for many of my clients) is keeping up with the newest hair styles and techniques. It can be fun to change things up once in a while just to keep life fresh, fun and exciting.

On the other hand, some clients really prefer to stick with a favorite comfortable hair style, and they appreciate knowing that I’m happy to provide them with the consistent cut and style that suits them best.

I do believe that, while it’s important for a professional to keep up-to-date with the latest fashions and styling techniques, it is also essential to really look at all clients as unique individuals — carefully evaluating the condition, texture and growth patterns of their hair, taking into account their facial shape & profile, and also considering the lifestyle and specific needs and concerns of each person. Do they want hair that is low maintenance, or are they willing and enthusiastic about spending more time on their hair? Do they want a professional look? A casual style? Or perhaps a cut that can be easily modified for both professional and casual settings? It’s important to me to meet the individual needs and challenges for each one of my customers.

Honestly, I enjoy all aspects of hair styling — tackling the trendiest cut, replicating traditional styles flawlessly, doing classic perms for curls or just body, and providing professional-quality coloring from the most subtle coverage to all-over highlights or maybe even a splash of a brilliant color woven in here and there — whatever enhances the desired look!

I’m also happy to wax, primp or pluck any facial hair while you are here, if needed. Just let me know what you want when you book your appointment.


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We love what Pam has done to remodel B2 Beauty & Barber; it’s such a pleasure at every appointment! And Pam always manages to span both gender and generation; our entire family continues to enjoy (and recommend) B2 for all our hair styling needs.

Ann B. June 23, 2015


Ray has been in the beauty and barbering profession for more than 40 years, beginning as co-owner and manager of Mar-Don’s in the early ’70s. He soon became the sole owner, devoting himself to continuing the high level of professionalism and integrity that Mar-Don’s was well-known for.

Ray’s ever-fresh charm and quick wit keeps everyone around him smiling and entertained. But he is also serious and focused when it comes to his specialty — hair design. He stresses the importance of creating an individualized style for each man or woman, taking into account each person’s specific hair type, bone structure and general physical appearance, in order to achieve the most flattering and comfortable style possible.

Ray says that he feels honored to be providing hair care for clients whose families he has served for generations. Clearly he works well with people of all ages, and he is particularly skillful with chemical services including perms, coloring, highlights and weaves.

Ray is especially compassionate with his clients who experience hair loss due to chemotherapy. He makes a point to escort these brave souls to a wig store to help them select the best hairpiece to help them look good and lift their spirits. He arranges to purchase the chosen wig at his dealer’s discount, and then kindly provides it to his clients at cost without charging them anything for his time or for any additional cutting or styling he performs. Clearly Ray’s good heart is reflected in his generous care for his clients who need and deserve this special attention.


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Having been a customer of Mar-Don's Hair Salon, now B2 Beauty & Barber, since 1978, I believe this to be a great testimonial for absolute satisfaction of service and quality, which I received over the years. That is 37yrs!! I always looked forward to my visits, knowing I would receive excellent service, and enjoy an Continue Reading

Jan June 23, 2015


Bella has more than 30 years of experience as a beauty technician, primarily working right here at B2 Beauty starting back when we were still called Mar-Don Hair Fashions. Her wicked (but kind) sense of humor is responsible for much of the frequent laughter that regularly rings through our salon. Bella has a magic touch with that most challenging type of hair — the kind that is so fine it wants to lay flat and play dead — giving the limpest hair a luxuriant, long-lasting look that you have to see to believe.

Bella specializes in traditional roller sets for our mature clients, and you can see her artistry really come to life when she fills a request for a stylish up-do for a special occasion such as a wedding. She has exceptional skill in preparing long-lasting perms to keep any style looking fresh, and she’s great at doing coloring that helps give any woman a flattering, more youthful look.

Gentle, thorough facial waxing is another service Bella is glad to offer, which can be easily included when you are in for a hair appointment. You’ll leave with a lovely, well-styled look and a smile on your face after an appointment with this delightful lady.


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After years of barely adequate hair care, usually accompanied by "attitude", I was blessed to be introduced to Bella. Life is good.... As an international business person and speaker, Bella's hair care helps give me the confidence that my appearance is an asset to the presentation.

Jan June 23, 2015


Diane has more than 30 years of professional hair and beauty experience, most of it here at this location. She has also been a cosmetology instructor, and she has particular skills with all aspects of hair coloring, including making amazing repairs for those unfortunate dye-gone-wrong situations. She is an expert in doing high-lights, low-lights and regular all-over tints.

Diane also has a flair for cutting hair of all types and works well with children, women and men. She has a zeal for barbering, using a straight edge razor to achieve that perfect close, clean cut. She also loves to create lovely up-dos for special occasions, and she’s adept at doing more routine roller sets and blow-dries.

Her exceptional talent is also used effectively in styling and maintaining wigs and other hair pieces that are an important aspect of our appearance for many of us. Basically, once Diane gets her fingers in your hair, she’ll be sure to please you with her deft touch and creativity.


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Really love going to "B2"! Friendly staff and professional atmosphere. My hair dresser is Diane. Thanks for your great work!

Mick June 23, 2015


Joy first practiced her extensive barbering and hair design skills in Minnesota where she and her sister owned a salon for a number of years. She subsequently moved to Portland, and today she is proud to have cared for several generations of clients in the Raleigh Hills area.

Joy’s particular specialty is working with children, starting by gently helping them to feel comfortable with the procedures and atmosphere of the salon. She begins by introducing the youngsters to their first “Air Cut” and “waterless shampoo,” helping them to overcome any fears or confusion at the beginning, so their first “real” haircut will be familiar and effortless. Many grateful parents can testify to how well this gentle, patient approach has worked with their children.

Joy’s clients of all ages know and appreciate her gentle, expert touch. Many people claim that having a shampoo under her expert hands is a wonderful, therapeutic stress reliever. And when it comes to cutting hair, she works creative magic with her scissors, following natural hair patterns and growth with a free-style technique that results in a flattering, low-maintenance style. She has definitely honed her hair-cutting and barbering skills to perfection.

Joy is also an enthusiastic and skillful colorist, favoring the subtle results of gloss colors that blend with the grey, rather than covering it. Additionally she enjoys perming to add body or create curls as desired.


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When I moved back to Portland, I spent several months looking for a great barber. I found that barber in Joy. She's a skilled barber who can deliver a great haircut but who can also suggest and deliver changes to meet the needs and whims of her clients. Joy's personality ensures that each visit is Continue Reading

Wade C. July 1, 2015


Paulette has been a successful hairdresser in the Raleigh Hills area for over 30yrs. She loves building relationships with her clients in order to do their hair based on their lifestyle and personality. Taking this time has helped her hone the craft of hairstyling to suit the clients needs and desires to a T.
Customizing a style that fits you best, could include a weave, tint, or perhaps a perm to give it a little more sass! Paulette does all this and more. Cutting men’s & women’s hair with such inspiration and precision behind it, shows her zest for hair design. She will amaze you.
Paulette works on Mondays, Tuesdays and occasionally Saturdays. So it’s best to call ahead for an appointment on her personal number at 503-805-8509.


Michele has been working in the Raleigh Hills are for 30+ years, and has loved every minute of it. Her pursuit of creating beautiful styles and paying meticulous attention to her cutting on men & women’s styles is phenomenal.
Michelle’s bubbly personality will make you smile, the minute you walk in the door. She specializes in men, women & children’s cuts. As well as a remarkable job on weaves, colors and perms as well. Perhaps just a hint of highlights is just what you might need to perk up your existing style. Maybe a whole new look that gives you that boost of confidence you’ve been looking for!
She has a busy schedule only working Mondays & Wednesdays. So if one of those days work great for you, give her a call on her personal line at 503-341-3807 and book an appointment her.